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16 Mar

Thatcham want ADAS Failure Warnings to be put on Customers’ Radar

This week, Thatcham Research (the UK’s only ‘not for profit’ insurer funded research centre) has called for a standardised warning system that will alert drivers that their advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) may not be working correctly. A valid safety feature, as right now a faulty ADAS calibration can result in complete deactivation of the system without the driver’s knowledge.


This is a part of the future of ADAS Systems, as more and more vehicles are coming to the road without any indication to users that their adaptive cruise control, parking assistance systems, autonomous emergency braking, lane-keep assist systems, tyre pressure monitoring systems or collision avoidance can’t be relied on and may not be working.


What Thatcham wants is a standardised system that tells the user/driver when any of their ADAS systems has decreased performance or reduced functionality. A homogenous icon or ‘flashing light’ on the dashboard as one would have, for example, if something as simple as the driver airbag wasn’t working.


This is sensible, obviously, and when it happens – and common sense dictates it shall – the user/driver will be far more aware of the status of their ADAS system and its possible need for recalibration. This is yet another outstanding chance for upselling calibration for workshops and garages with ADAS measurement and adjustment systems.


ADAS calibration is already a strong workshop investment, but putting the knowledge and need directly in the hands of the driver means an extra level of awareness and a direct call to action when ADAS systems need garage attention. Already becoming essential for any modern MOT workshop, it’s currently predicted that Advanced Driver Assistance Systems will be incorporated into 40% of the vehicles (domestic and – more frequently – commercial) by 2020.


Workshops with the capacity to perform fast and accurate wheel alignment, and then ADAS adjustment, have a significant money-making opportunity.

We offer the comprehensive Beissbarth Easy CCD system as the ideal entry-level – economical, flexible, space-saving – solution. We offer ADAS measurement boards used by many of the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the automotive trade such as Ford, BMW, Daimler, Tesla and others. If you want to service and calibrate systems from these manufacturers, you’ll need the right tools for the job. If you’d like a demonstration let us know and our team can live-stream it to you from our Training Centre, plus answer any of your questions. If you’re interested in wheel alignment, a part of the process, we can bring the whole kit to you!


As it stands, ADAS safety systems can require recalibration or be ‘thrown out’ but offer the driver no (or limited) indication that systems may not be operating properly. Actions as simple as hitting a pothole, windscreen replacement or going over speed bumps too quickly could, for example, c could completely disable (or affect the dependability of) the vehicle’s braking system. Add to this the visual cue that there’s something wrong, a chance to address this before the MOT, and the further upsell potential is obvious and can’t be ignored.


If you’d like to know more about this opportunity, please give our sales team a call on 01430330333 (option 3) to talk about our own ADAS calibration systems.




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