11 Mar

Signs Your MOT Lift Needs Repair or Servicing

As the number one worldwide distributor of Herrmann vehicle lifts and Europe’s largest Rotary lift distributor for the last 4-years, we know a thing or two about MOT and ATL lift maintenance and repair.


If you’re looking for MOT lift manuals and individual manufacturers’ recommendations, visit our online database of the most common.


When lifting tonnes of AM Top 10 vehicles, our clients need to be confident in their equipment. Tens of thousands of pounds of client property are safely hanging in the air – it’s important your workshop staff and your service team have confidence in your lifting equipment and are confident in its use. Safety is paramount. Lives depend on the correct operation of your workshop equipment, especially on the working standards of any vehicle lift. All vehicle lifts supplied by Everard meet the detailed requirements of the Garage Equipment Association (GEA) and UK.GOV. This is especially relevant when, in recent weeks, an inspection of all vehicle lifts in Northern Ireland’s MOT centres detected “signs of cracking” in forty-eight of the fifty-five lifts, resulting in the total closure of all fifteen Irish MOT testing centres, with MOTs on cars and light vehicles suspended indefinitely until lifts are repaired or replaced.


As partners with the major vehicle lift manufacturers around the world (like Rotary, Omer, Ravaglioli and Herrmann – both automotive and commercial) we regularly repair, service and maintain some of the busiest MOT bays in the UK.




Daily safety checks of MOT bay lifting equipment are important. Every working day your technicians should perform the following checks on your equipment before any vehicles are brought into the MOT bay.


  1. Check all lift cables and sheaves for wear, every day. Wipe the cables with a rag to check for hard-to-see frayed cables and broken strands. Immediately replace any cables showing signs of broken wires, excessive stretching, heavily developed corrosion, deformed strands, differences in diameter or any change in standard operating appearance.
  2. As per the manufacturer’s guidelines, lubricate the lift accordingly.
  3. Check the anchor bolts that attach your MOT lift to the ground. Using manufacturer’s recommendations contained in your lift maintenance manual, making sure they are tight and secure.
  4. On hydraulic MOT lifts, examine the fluid level and fluid quality regularly. Replace or refill as required.
  5. Always keep MOT lift components clean and free of solvents, corrosive agents, brake fluids and any de-icing chemicals. If the lift becomes contaminated rinse the area immediately and comprehensively with soap and water.
  6. Check all accessories, like jacking beams and adapters, regularly.
  7. Are all safety signs and caution notifications clear and in place? If not, replace them immediately.
  8. Plan your annual MOT lift inspections with a qualified inspector – we can help you with this.



There are several key indicators that the lifts in your ATL bay may need servicing and repair. Any signs of wear and tear, listed below, are an indicator that your MOT lift needs professional attention by a qualified vehicle lift repair specialist.


  1. Are all restraints and locks working correctly? If not, seek advice.
  2. Is any deformation or excessive wear in any of the MOT lift components apparent?
  3. Is the lift ‘dry’? Watch out if hydraulic fluid leaks begin to develop!
  4. Are your MOT lift contact points – including any adapters – becoming excessively worn or have they been damaged since your last inspection?
  5. Are any cracks or loose concrete beginning to develop around floor bolts and anchors?



The law in the UK requires that all MOT and ATL should be thoroughly examined using professional and accredited services in the following circumstances:


  • After major lift/workshop changes have been made.
  • Every six months, at minimum, if your lift is used at any time to carry people, or every 12 months if it only carries vehicles and loads, or in accordance with any predetermined workshop maintenance and examination scheme (allowing for the previous criteria).
  • Following ‘exceptional circumstances’ such as failure of or damage to the lift, after long periods of disuse or when there is a significant change in operating conditions which would be likely to affect the integrity of your MOT testing equipment.

If in doubt give us a call and we can arrange one of our specialist MOT lift engineers to visit you as soon as possible. We can arrange immediate servicing of Omer, Rotary, Ravaglioli, Herrmann lifts and many more, by qualified MOT/ ATL lift engineers.


Want to know more about servicing and repairing the likes of Herrmann or Rotary lifts? Curious about our cost and time-saving maintenance contracts?

Call our MOT lane specialists directly on 01430 330330 (option 1) at the first sign of wear and tear, and we’ll be able to offer you the best advice possible and, if necessary, arrange for one of our workshop engineers to visit you as soon as possible.

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