21 Nov

Shining a Light on Maintaining and Calibrating Digital Headlights

Being independent, we’re lucky to be able to offer the very best in cutting edge workshop equipment for vehicles that are reinventing the industry. We offer the very best in German engineering to make sure that a vehicles headlights react correctly to the road and other users and are correctly synchronised by the vehicles onboard cameras.


Headlamp configuration may be an issue when a new lamp or bulb is fitted or through simple drift, over time. Recalibration is also needed after an accident or if a new windscreen is fitted, as the camera is mounted on the windscreen. Correct alignment is a critical road safety feature that guarantees the driver can see enough of the road both in the distance and closer to the vehicle. Bi-xenon lights, for example, are so bright that they could startle and blind other motorists if they weren’t self-adapting.


Equipment for the calibration of digital headlights is now a part of the workshops of the future. Trusted by the likes of Mercedes-Benz, our MLD 110 and the MLD 815 (Ford approved) systems from Beissbarth offer a small footprint and a big return. The new Beissbarth MLD 9000 offers a new frame, a new lens for correct light beam evaluation and a new user interface usable in both diagnostic versions and in adjusting the headlight. This addresses the very latest digital headlight systems such as DLA, Matrix and ILS.



Self-levelling headlights are compulsory on new cars in Europe, including the UK. Being able to offer the most up-to-date headlight testing and calibration is a great draw for customers, with more and more vehicles needing this as part of their MOT, every day.


Obviously, equipping a workshop to be able to offer a service that’s now a legal requirement makes for excellent sales. An essential part of any service, the photosensitive diodes in our Beissbarth systems enable a precise and painless evaluation with pin-point laser sighting. This makes for precise alignment of the lightbox to the vehicle, working even in low lighting conditions. The cross laser guarantees the correct positioning of the lightbox in relation to the headlight projection unit or a light source, which is especially advantageous for xenon and LED systems. Results are reliable, repeatable and in real-time.


To be able to offer the best in servicing for digital and reactive headlights give our team at Everard HQ a call (01430 330330) and we’ll find the right solution for you. Our headlight alignment equipment is approved and endorsed by international automotive manufacturers (OE) and is used in OE service networks worldwide.

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