02 Apr

Premium Workshop Optimisation By Beissbarth Wheel Alignment Equipment

Beissbarth Easy 3D+ Wheel Alignment Equipment

Offering market-leading levels of precision, repeatability and a 90-second wheel alignment check capability, the Beissbarth Easy 3D+ is now available from the German specialist’s exclusive UK distributor, Yorkshire-based premium garage design and installation company, Everard.


Easy 3D+ enables completion of a full vehicle alignment in as little as 20 minutes. It can help workshops offer customers vital insights into their vehicles’ health, providing upsell opportunities through the identification of suspension and alignment concerns and offer of preventative maintenance, and can help optimise vehicle efficiency through precise alignment.


“It’s rare that you find a piece of equipment that provides better results using a more intuitive, simple system,” says Jamie Taylor, Everard divisional manager and alignment expert. “Correct alignment is absolutely crucial yet is often neglected or carried out using processes lacking in robustness. Easy 3D+ offers incredibly precise alignment, but that means very little without repeatability – accuracy is in the eye of whoever sets the benchmark for each test. The compact Beissbarth equipment provides the same results, time and time again, even after extensive vehicle testing through active self-compensation of movements and vibrations. The environment and operation are no longer critical factors – the most important aspect is the vehicle itself, which is the key to achieving measurement repeatability.”


Efficient service and competitive advantage

The time-saving benefits of Beissbarth Easy 3D+ are enhanced by the innovative easy-mounting targeting boards, which are secured using magnetic clamps and quickly attached to the vehicle’s wheels. The equipment’s software includes autodetection of the target boards and DualView cameras, which eliminate the need for recalibration after target exchange. The hardware comes fully calibrated and requires no specialist setup for any service bay, and the intuitive software includes functions such as driving compensation, which eases initial measurement for extremely heavy or electronically braked vehicles, and can even be operated through mobile devices using WiFi.


“The compact design and swift operation offers workshops and their customers dual benefits: Easy 3D+ can be installed on your ramp and the 90-second turnaround promotes an environment where all customers can be offered a precise wheel-alignment check as part of the MOT process,” explains Everard sales director, James Everard. “This provides a significant return on investment for customers: strategic utilisation of Easy 3D+ can enable payback in as little as 3-6 months. Not only are they able to carry out more wheel alignment checks, but also highlight areas of concern and advise drivers of additional alignment or maintenance work. As a service offering differentiator, this is an invaluable sales and process streamlining opportunity for the workshops of the future, and can provide a crucial competitive advantage over rival workshops.”


Easy 3D+, which has attained widespread vehicle manufacture homologation, also offers flexibility of use through compatibility with additional applications, such as ADAS calibration, tyre tread diagnosis, along-side headlight testing and diagnostics, making it a potentially integral part of any modern premium workshop.


Technology proof – a timeless service offering

“Alignment is perceived to be a dark art, but the intuitive nature of Easy 3D+ operation – we have invited non-mechanically minded office staff to try it out who are quickly up to speed – blows away the smoke and mirrors associated with such apparently nuanced jobs,” continues Taylor. “The benefits of correct alignment include restored handling characteristics and grip, reduced tyre wear and enhanced efficiency.


“Realignment can be especially noticeable for drivers of electric vehicles (EVs), which are both heavy and powerful – very high levels of torque can expose tyres to extreme stress,” he finishes. “Correct setup can help optimise efficiency and return lost range, which directly addresses one of the main barriers to EV purchase expressed by new car buyers. As vehicle technology moves at pace and servicing requirements evolve, wheel alignment remains an absolutely critical aspect of workshop capability.”


“As the premier provider of prestige vehicle workshop spaces in the UK, we are delighted to be chosen as the UK’s Beissbarth distributor as the company’s ethos is directly aligned with our own: family-run businesses providing support and proven quality to the most inspirational workshop environments,” concludes Everard. “Following our rebrand from JD Garage Equipment, we look forward to continuing our growth and helping to reimagine the Beissbarth brand as the UK’s leading supplier of premium garage equipment.”



Original source: Tyre Trade News

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