29 Apr

Increasing sales and avoiding liability, with our Sigmavision TreadReader

The chance to increase tyre sales by as much as 46% and document the status of a vehicle – saving thousands a year in (possibly fraudulent) damage claims – isn’t one to be missed.


Our custom JDGE/Sigmavision TreadReader offers accurate tread depth readings for tyres on passenger cars, HGVs, PSVs, LCVs, buses and trailers. It can instantly flag up the symptoms of worn suspension or wheel misalignment, offering our customers the chance for further up-sell. The scans present the full tyre width and 50mm of the tyre’s circumference.


UK garages are plagued with clients attempting to make claims for damages to their vehicles while on the garage premises. Many of these are simply untrue. Our system automatically provides valuable peace-of-mind and evidential photography of their customer’s vehicles as they enter the workshop. With number plate recognition as standard, this can save our busy clients tens of thousands of pounds a year in fraudulent or inaccurate claims.


Static (our drive-over or in-ground ramp system) or handheld, our TreadReader system builds a detailed 3D scan of the tyres of a vehicle from 320,000 measurement points, with an accuracy of < 0.2mm or 0.008” –  a far greater level of accuracy and reliability than traditional dip gauges, coin edges, or non-contact ‘laser pointer’ devices. The custom software produces detailed colour coded 3-dimensional tyre tread images which show the condition of each tyre with easy-to-read clarity, even if they are dirty or wet. When presented to a vehicle owner, TreadReader scans clearly and simply show tyre condition and reveal any tread depth problems that might be causing the vehicle to be illegal – a great hook for immediate or future tyre sales.


In the event of a claim of something happening to a vehicle while on our client’s premises the garage owner needs to know who is responsible for paying for the repairs. Our exclusive JDGE/Sigmavision TreadReader is always on hand to help – on entry and exit – with detailed imagery from four HD cameras, tied automatically to the registration plate and time-stamped accordingly. This can save inaccurate and fraudulent claims, giving engineers and mechanics peace-of-mind and saving time and unnecessary costs with expensive legal claims.


TreadReader reduces the turnaround time, making our customer’s workshops more efficient. The hand-held scanner (suitable for service bay, mobile and roadside applications) is fully portable. Our surface or flush mounted, fully automatic (with no operator intervention) TreadReader system (linked to our custom TreadReader 360-degree camera system) offers amazing simplicity and ease of use as a simple part of the workshop routine.


If you’d like to know more just give us a call on 01430 330330 and ask to speak to one of our sales advisors who can help you find the right TreadReader system for your workshop. Also, check out the video above from Sigmavision on their basic drive-over unit (without our exclusive camera system).

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