17 Sep

Herrmann Lifts

At JDGE we are always striving to innovate and improve so it is easy to see why we started offering Herrmann AG lifts as an option for our garage equipment customers over five years ago. With similar principles to our own, Herrmann AG lifts have proved to be a perfect addition to our lift range. Their in ground cassette lifts are both innovative, can be installed to be future-proof and like us, massively customer oriented with their design and manufacture.

A lifting platform is a part of the standard and of the main working equipment of every vehicle service shop all around the world. Whether it is the check-in, the service or with repair work – without a lifting platform for vehicles good, thorough, and fast work will not be possible. Accordingly diverse are the demands on a lifting platform for the vehicle of today and that is exactly what we have taken to heart when developing our products. In the meantime we can look back on 40 years of practical experience in the design and development of lifting platforms, which continues to push us to develop our products further. As a worldwide innovation leader in the vehicle lifting technology Herrmann AG continues to face new challenges posed, without ever losing sight of the basis of lifting. This is not about most complex systems, but systems which are to support our customers in the pursuit of their goals.

With its headquarters in Bavaria and two more locations in the Czech Republic and the USA, Herrmann AG lifts are manufactured for vehicle service workshops all around the world. The focus is on passenger cars and transporter hoisting technology. The concentration on this section creates enormous in-depth knowledge and manufacturing competency.

We are incredibly proud and pleased to have been recognised by Herrmann AG for our outstanding sales performance and for therefore being their number one WORLDWIDE distributor, for yet another year!

Many thanks to David Johnson for coming to present us with this award.


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