27 Jun

BanaLogic and Everard (previously JDGE) create the Workshop of the Future

As part of our specialist portfolio of superior workshop equipment, Everard (JDGE) are pleased to announce our latest partnership, with the innovative Ontario, Canada based automotive equipment firm, BanaLogic.


At the bleeding edge of innovation, BanaLogic are the inventors of the patented FASTLIGN Touchless Alignment System – the industry’s FIRST touchless active tyre tracking system. FASTLIGN identifies issues with alignment, suspension and steering components during a 3-second drive-through scan, without the need for an operator or wheel clamps. The FASTLIGN alignment system uses industrial lasers and optical measurement devices to analyse vehicle tracking. LED indicators provide immediate visual feedback of scan status, data can instantly be transmitted to the optional POS system. Time-saving and simple to use. Easy to understand. Flawless results for the workshop of the future.



James Everard, our Sales Director, said:

“These are exciting times for JD and the automotive supply business. Our engineers are in our Training Centre, now, learning how to get the best out of the FASTLIGN system with the specialists from BanaLogic. BanaLogic are industry leaders and known for their ground-breaking products. It’s a great match, and we’re proud to be bringing the best, the FASTLIGN Touchless Alignment system, to the UK.

With fully electric and self-driving vehicles on the horizon, alignment is going to be crucial for workshops and service centres.


Because of the way we drive, electric vehicles are seeing more tyre wear and vehicles with misaligned tyres use more power. To maximise EV range and extend the life of our customers tyres it’s more and more important to routinely check alignment. Our new relationship with BanaLogic is part of our commitment to creating the workshop of the future.”

FASTLIGN is autonomous and reviews a vehicle’s alignment status in virtually no time, without touching the wheels or vehicle, measuring all four tyres with laser-based technology and rock-solid accuracy. High definition cameras capture images of the vehicle and license plate as the vehicle drives through the towers. FASTLIGN automatically identifies the license plate and is permanently ready for use. Data from the scan can be pushed to advisors simply and quickly, for review via web browsers. This precise measurement occurs in only 3 seconds! – as a customer drives into the service area.


If you’d like to know more about the FASTLIGN Touchless Alignment System, please talk to our UK sales team on 01430 330330 (option 1).

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